THERE is surely a simple answer, or perhaps two, to the Tory complaints that the Scottish daily briefing is a party political broadcast and shows BBC bias.

First and foremost, there is nothing to stop Boris holding one every day, which, if the early situation is any guide, would be broadcast on BBC1 in full while Nicola’s would again be cut short as previously, and half of it relegated to BBC Scotland.

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Secondly, the Tories et al could ask the media questioners, including their own, not to ask political questions unrelated to coronavirus, which Nicola consistently tries to refuse to answer, in spite of their frequent insistence that she do so.

If such questions are legitimate, I am sure that Boris would be only too willing to answer them with his usual fascinating, “Er, um”, fact-free ramblings of unfinished sentences. Another chance to grandstand!

L McGregor