THE monies provided by the Westminster government to assist in the Scottish campaign to defeat the Covid-19 pandemic will be used by the Scottish Government for exactly that purpose, in contradiction of the remarks to the contrary by a few English MPs who are incapable of rising above their own prejudices.

Such financial aid is money borrowed by the UK Treasury for that and many other causes, these within or outwith the ken of the public. What is not known to the rest of the present UK is that if we in Scotland had access to the borrowing powers required by Holyrood, such available funds would NOT be classed as Westminster or Tory largesse or any other kind of generosity.

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Westminster borrowings since March have increased out of sight and are now akin to state secrets. In due course Scotland will pay its share, as decided not by us but by Westminster. No negotiation!

There is at least one further observation to be made. An independent Scottish state, a friendly neighbour of England, would not have escaped the Covid-19 outbreak and in the circumstances encountered by both nations, might well have needed unprecedented borrowings itself, possibly with temporary humanitarian help from such a friend. Would that have been denied because Scotland was no longer “part of the UK”? This is precisely the inference now being well exercised by politicising of the Covid crisis by Messrs Johnson, Cumming, Gove, Patel etc, while the Holyrood government strives to keep it, correctly, out of the political arena. The truth, ironically, is that if Covid and its effects were allowed to be politicised, the beneficiary by a long way would be our First Minister, which everyone in England knows.

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There is no depth to which Westminster will not sink and this incompetent, to us useless Tory government is in reality a willing part of its discredited system, and has no statesman big enough to deal with its failings. The truth hurts!

John Hamilton