RUTH Davidson has shown her contempt for democracy in lamenting Unionists’ failure to “put the boot in” after the 2014 referendum.

The bid for Scottish independence was lost – just – on the strength of eleventh-hour promises by various Unionist leaders, promises which for the most part have never been fulfilled. Pledges of love, respect and equality have also failed to be honoured. Westminster has shown nothing but contempt for Scotland ever since, and is trying, even now, to dilute the powers of the Scottish Government.

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What more is this over-hyped failed politician suggesting? That independence supporters should have been rounded up? Interned? Brainwashed into accepting we are British, first, foremost and forever?

Perhaps she believes all independence movements should have been banned, along with the Saltire, kilt and bagpipes? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Ms Davidson needs to explain what she means by putting the boot in.

Pauline Taylor