GEORGE Kerevan is absolutely right insofar as this present government is concerned (Why a big pro-indy vote next year will not get Scotland its referendum, July 20).We must not forget also that when oil was discovered in the North Sea, Jim Callaghan (left) forbade any news of the huge income to the Treasury leaking out to the general public. We therefore cannot expect any UK Government to willingly sacrifice the one guaranteed source of income which permits the sustenance of rUK.

The one avenue of hope is to persuade many more UK voters that to permit Scotland its independence and membership of the EU is actually the one thing that might save rUK from relative impoverishment.

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To have as a friendly neighbour a country that has no problems with the European market would facilitate all the dealings for rUK as well as elevating Scottish trade.

The important thing for the rUK is not to sour relations with their adjacent country that would remain their best friend. The way this government is going is doing just that and hazarding friendly relations. Friends just now, but things can swiftly change.

Dr Lindsay Neil