IN all the stushie about whether the Westminster proposals for an internal market constitute a power grab from the devolved governments, particularly Scotland, some simple questions can provide the answer.

Have these powers been exercised for the last 20 years by the devolved Holyrood government? Answer: Yes! Have the differences caused by the exercise of these powers hindered the internal market with the rest of the UK? No.

So there is no reasonable, necessary justification for changing the situation.

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Finally, and most importantly, the Act setting up devolution states that ANY powers not specified as reserved are therefore devolved. Powers in the areas now covered by these proposals are not mentioned as reserved, so are therefore by law devolved. So there is no legal justification for changing the situation.

So, if no positive justification exists, what benefit does Westminster seek for rUK that they do not currently enjoy?

Or is it just using Brexit as an excuse to weaken Holyrood, on the way to disbanding it eventually, on grounds that it serves little purpose, when Westminster does everything of importance for us anyway?

Bully for the Union!!

L McGregor