SO Mr Johnson has finally come into line and made the wearing of masks in shops and supermarkets compulsory. Yet another case where Scotland has taken clear and decisive action, only to be followed by Westminster days or weeks later.

How many Covid-19 cases, or even deaths, could have been prevented if Boris just did the right thing at the right time? I dread the thought of a Prime Minister so lacking in courage or ability being in charge on January 1 when we leave the EU without any border control in place.

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Boris’s response to this potential crisis is to appoint Chris Grayling MP as head of security and communications. He failed to get the trains to run on time and so he deserves a second chance to fail, but this time at the far more important task of stopping smugglers or terrorists at our uncontrolled borders.

How soon can Scotland become an independent state? Not soon enough!

Pete Rowberry