THANK you The National and David Pratt for publishing a grown-up response to this latest campaign for yet another indy party. I was beginning to despair and then I read the words of David Pratt, a serious journalist I have always admired (This kind of internal squabbling in the Yes movement borders on idiotic, July 10).

He is so right! We are on an unstoppable trajectory to independence and yet some characters for various reasons (some well-meaning) think this is not enough and that we need to risk independence by splitting the movement. Let’s have a look at some of the arguments they make.

READ MORE: David Pratt: This kind of internal squabbling in the Yes movement borders on idiotic

Firstly, that the SNP has stopped campaigning for independence, which shows it is not serious.

Some may not have noticed, but we are in the middle of a health pandemic and 4,000 Scots have died. The riskiest time has yet to come when the winter flu season starts. The public would never forgive our First Minister if she promoted independence instead of making our health her sole priority. And you know what – the voters appreciate this. Look at the polls.

Secondly, that we need an even bigger independence majority in the Scottish Parliament.

You have to ask why? We are heading for a large SNP majority government if we don’t screw it up. With a working overall majority and more than 50% of the constituency votes and the regional list votes, the SNP will then have the clear backing of Scottish voters. This is an incredibly indisputable strong mandate. Even better than 2011. In fact it can’t be bettered.

Remember, the constituency vote is seen as the vote for the MSP you want to represent you and the regional vote is seen as the vote for the party you wish to be in government. To reassign this vote to random other parties (regardless of their indy position) reduces the democratic authority of a future SNP government to progress independence.

Thirdly, the SNP are not serious about independence.

Our First Minister has campaigned for independence for 34 years. I’ll repeat that – THIRTY-FOUR YEARS! A life devoted to the independence campaign at great personal cost. The same with many of our MPs, MSPs, councillors and activists. The First Minister laid the groundwork for a referendum this year – regardless of a Section 30 order. The referendum bill was passed, the referendum question was agreed and being tested (with the Scottish Parliament getting the last say), the Scottish Government had started work on the referendum plan and Nicola announced that a referendum would be held this year. Only Covid-19 has stopped it. Be in no doubt about the seriousness of the SNP to achieve an independent Scotland.

We are on the verge of achieving independence. The only ones that can blow it are us. David Pratt rightly pointed out that we have a respected Scottish Government which is winning over voters to the idea of a successful Scottish nation independent of bungling Boris. Through the sheer competence of the SNP Scottish Government, we have won over doubters and swing voters. That is why we ride so high in the polls and Yes is now well over 50%.

I sense the frustration in David Pratt’s article. Independence movements over the world would love to be in our position. People, don’t split the independence vote. Please, please don’t blow it.

Tony Grahame

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU David Pratt. I just hope that patience and the dose of common sense that you so passionately expressed on Friday may visit those who are unfamiliar with how to handle the home straight.

Jennifer Rodger
West Kilbride