I TAKE umbrage against Stan Grodynski and must say that, as an ex-used car salesman, I strongly resent being placed in the same company as Jackson Carlaw (Letters, July 7).

Having worked many years ago in Carlaw’s now-defunct family business, I would even have to take issue with Stan’s description of Jackson Carlaw as a used car salesman. I never, ever, saw him sell a used car. He left that to us hoi polloi.

So let’s be clear (as the great man himself might say). He is not, nor ever was, a used car salesman. Maybe if he had sold a few used cars he would be better placed to sell the Scots Tories to a sceptical public. However, Scots know an old banger when they see it.

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What I would say in his defence is that he swanned around the showroom beautifully as he dreamed of his future stellar political career, and showed himself to be a mean carrier of a clipboard (never found out what was on that clipboard – probably a self-penned cartoon of himself as PM).

So, please, Stan, let’s get our facts straight and not impugn the poor man unjustifiably (nor insult us used car sales people, present or past).

William Thomson

IT somewhat puzzles me that Jackson Carlaw and Murdo Fraser are complaining about the Covid-19 daily briefings. Perhaps this faux outrage is because they themselves are largely ignored by the Scottish public and struggle to be heard.

I regularly watch the daily briefings and find them clear, precise and informative, with

no attempt to make political capital. In fact, Nicola Sturgeon faces some very tough questions from the British press, which lesser politicians will do their best to evade – look no further than the Downing Street daily briefing, hastily cancelled due to media scrutiny.

Jackson Carlaw and the Tory branch office should just accept the fact that they are irrelevant in Scottish politics.

Terry Keegans
Beith, North Ayrshire