WHY do I feel that we have some of the politicians most “useful” to our progress towards and achievement of independence, the necessary international legitimacy and possible future membership of the EU, in the wrong places?

One example, I believe, is Alyn Smith. While serving us in the EU Parliament he not only gave us a strong voice, but gained vast experience in all things EU. Now he has chosen to be an MP, sitting in Westminster being ignored as all our MPs are, when he could have offered his experience and expertise to maintain our EU links and strengthen our case for future consideration there. He might even have encouraged their negotiators to try to ensure that Scotland was granted the same concessions as Northern Ireland. What is he achieving for us and our future at Westminster?

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Another is Joanna Cherry, wishing to obtain a seat at Holyrood in the next election. I have immense admiration for what she has already achieved for us on the legal front and feel that her talents would be somewhat hamstrung by being an MSP. As such, in independence negotiations she will be just one of the Scottish parliamentary establishment with a constituency workload.

Surely what we will need most then is someone to keep legal oversight, to study every detail and who has the freedom to identify unfair or underhand moves, and to challenge these in court if necessary? Would she not be far better as a legal overseer in negotiations, rather than splitting her time with constituency business?

At the same time, we have many dedicated, expert people doing an immense amount of work on potential policies who seem to be sidelined by our senior politicians, unless their work has been instigated or authorised “officially”.

Should we not be looking to have ALL the best skills in place to prepare for an independent future?

L McGregor