I SEE that the Tory leader in Scotland, Jackson Carlaw, is saying that if the Scottish Government is wanting to retain the 2m social distancing rule in Scotland while others are reducing this, Nicola Sturgeon has to prove to the public why this is necessary.

I would have thought the reduction in deaths and cases of coronavirus in Scotland compared to England, which now has areas moving back into lockdown, would be proof enough. However, if Mr Carlaw is so concerned about the 2m rule then maybe he should also be contacting the House of Commons Commission, which this week confirmed that social distancing in the Commons chamber, and across the House of Commons building, will remain at 2m until the summer recess.

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Apparently this decision was reached following a meeting with Public Health England and will be reviewed in September. House of Commons staff and MPs’ staff have been told to continue to work remotely where possible.

I take it Mr Carlaw will be on the phone to the House of Commons Commission asking them to explain this decision to the public – or is he just another hypocritical Tory?

Cllr Kenny MacLaren