DID anyone else laugh when they read Andy Maciver stating that Jackson Carlaw should “use his influence to ensure Boris Johnson delivers a Brexit deal that works for Scotland” (Carlaw told he must split Scots Tories from UK, June 2)? I was drinking coffee and had to change my shirt, but a good chuckle is worth it in these strange times.

Leave aside Carlaw having all the “influence” over BoJo that other mild annoyances have in the PM’s life, such as chewing gum on the sole of the shoe or when one of his children reaches out at Christmas. Such irrelevancies can be swiftly overlooked, Carlaw included. He has no influence over Tory policy whatsoever and if I were to learn that BoJo doesn’t even know who Carlaw is, I would be genuinely unsurprised. The fact that only this character is talking about Carlaw’s influence and Brexit “working for Scotland” in the same breath is very telling.

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Only the most deluded, swivel-eyed, willing idiot could seriously believe the Tories give a solitary shit about what Scotland wants regarding Brexit. After all the insults and ignoring the people’s democratic decisions the Tories openly sidelined Scotland throughout the “negotiations” and will now race headlong into a catastrophic No-Deal Brexit and blame the fallout on the Covid pandemic. They not only care nothing for Scotland but apparently nothing for England outside the London bubble either. The consequences of the current lockdown will be world-changing – we are on the edge of a great precipice and are chained to a wild-eyed buffoon intent on jumping and using us as his crash mat.

Maciver then goes on to urge the “Scottish” Conservative and Unionist Party to strive for independence from the Union in order to better ensure their jobs in keeping Scotland in the Union ... it takes some mental agility to grasp the unintended irony in that. The rank hypocrisy, the arrogance, the selfish “pull the ladder up” attitude is maddening. Maciver talks nothing of what is in Scotland’s interests or what wonders an independent Tory party could do for Scotland. He doesn’t concern himself with making a case for housing, jobs or schools. He doesn’t even outline what his magic Brexit deal will do or how it will work for Scotland.

No. What he does is lay out what he thinks Carlaw has to do in order to save their seats on the gravy train – and what a train it is.

For the small price of selling your country and people down the river you can get paid to do literally nothing, create no policies, bring no funding, care not for your constituents. In fact the worse Scotland becomes under your masters, the better! Yes, the occasional under-the-arm, powder-puff question must be fielded by some BBC hack, but don’t worry as you’ll be at least three to one against any evil separatist on stage anyway.

I don’t blame the Orange Order bigot who reads The Daily Sport and votes Tory because it tells him to. But I do blame the likes of Maciver and Carlaw and wee Murdo Fraser. These people have had advantages in life – good educations and helping hands. They have knowingly looked at the damage their kind has done, the insults their masters have cast their way and the undeniable catastrophe that is looming in Brexit, and have made the conscious decision to ignore the democratic wishes of the Scottish people for personal gain. They ignore Scotland’s voting public and then call themselves Scots in order to entice Scotland’s public into voting for them.

Is there a more despicable form of self-serving treachery than that? They don’t even get trinkets from the royals!

Rory Bulloch