JOANNA Cherry is right to say that the SNP needs to rethink its strategy on independence, but she doesn’t offer any suggestions. I personally would suggest the SNP aim to emulate the models of the Scandinavian countries and make this intention known publicly.

They should have a policy of a written constitution, guaranteeing national health and welfare services that cannot be privatised.

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The publication of a world map showing independent countries with a population similar to Scotland might help. What is stopping potential Yes voters is simply fear. But if they were informed, for example, that Iceland has a population smaller than that of Fife, has no oil, has fishing as its main industry, yet has a higher living standard than Scotland, it might get through to some people.

As for the idea, expressed elsewhere, that there ought to be another pro-indy party, I would point out that there are already three, one of these (the Greens) in the Scottish Parliament. Once there were two in the parliament, the other being the Scottish Socialists, and when Tommy Sheridan proposed free school meals for all children, he was not supported, even by the SNP, who later made it their own policy. It is important not to split the movement, especially at this stage.

Jeff Fallow
Windygates, Fife