HOW long is it going to take before the media realise that the SNP was not involved in either of the two investigations into the complaints against Alex Salmond?

The initial complaints were investigated by the Scottish Government’s civil service division. The complaints by ten women that led to the criminal case in the High Court were investigated by the police.

Alex Salmond resigned from the party to avoid internal division within the party and intended to apply to rejoin the SNP once he had an opportunity to clear his name.

So far all of the many attempts by the media to create internal divisions within the party have failed. The way is now clear for Alex Salmond to apply to rejoin the party.

John S Jamieson
South Queensferry

I’M with Philippa Whitford (Senior MP Whitford calls for SNP role for Salmond, March 28). Alex Salmond will enjoy his victory, lay aside his desire to publicly smash those who acted against him and recognise that independence is bigger than any of us. And apply to rejoin us on those conditions. The same rules apply to the other side in this horrible, damaging distraction.

We don’t have to like each other to be on the same march. And I’m sure I’ll march for none of them if they don’t understand this. I will judge our “big hitters” very seriously on what they do now.

David McEwan Hill
Sandbank, Agyll

PHILIPPA Whitford is right. We need someone who isn’t afraid of English/British nationalist Westminster.

Douglas Raine

LIFE goes on for goodness’ sake! Alex Salmond SHOULD be given a prominent role in the SNP. The older, cleverer members know what an asset he is! He could take over Mike Russell’s job. It doesn’t need to be given to an MP or MSP. It would be cruel not to bring this gifted politician back into the SNP with a big role.

Kareen Rennie

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