I WAS gobsmacked by reports that Theresa May has earned half a million pounds from public speaking engagements since she left office. Remember her? Prime Minister from 2016 through to June 2019, ran around wheat fields a lot. When she was in office she certainly gave the impression that she didn’t enjoy talking to anyone – television, radio or the public.

Now it appears that she is able to talk to the public after all – as long as the price is right. Now it may be that Ms May is channelling these ill-gotten gains to her favourite good causes? Alternatively the dosh could be going straight to the account of Theresa and Phil (more likely scenario).

At the same time, Downing Street is planning a ban on BBC presenters cashing in

on external work such as speaking engagements. It would appear, however, that it is okay for an ex-Prime Minister (albeit a failed one) to make money from speaking engagements. This is despite the fact that the lady in question is currently the MP for Maidenhead, receiving a salary from the public purse. There is only one way to protect ourselves from these people.

David Coll
Rothesay, Isle of Bute