JO Swinson lives in Bath with her young family. Her husband works in London. Is she going to up sticks and return to Scotland, or will she do as she did as a MP and be an absentee politician?

In effect we already have an absentee MSP at Holyrood in the shape of Ruth Davidson. The Scottish Parliament deserves better. If people can’t fully commit they should do what others have done and are doing by being honest to themselves in leaving politics to have a better life/work balance.

Paul Callum

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WITHOUT residency in Scotland, she could not vote in her own electoral contest, or in any electoral contest for the Holyrood parliament, or for any Scottish local government elections. She also wouldn’t pay taxes in Scotland.

Surely that would exclude her from being a candidate? Does the UK Parliament allow MPs who live in another country, and pay taxes in that other country, to sit at Westminster?

Alistair Potter