WHEN I originally read Shona Craven’s article on Priti Patel and robots, I immediately dismissed this futuristic notion as the answer to our political and economic problems, although I did appreciate her comparison of politicians to soundbiting droids (If robots can do politics, why not every other job?, February 21).

Programming robots to be caring and have empathy while many leading politicians are void of both is clearly frightening. But as intended, she did make me think.

Similarly, the new Scorsese film The Irishman, which used the new digital technology of de-ageing to great effect, made me think could this principle have a role in politics? For example: identify some sleeping (literally) giant from the comfy House of Lords and with de-ageing technology reintroduce them back to the House of Commons!

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I’m sorry to say my lateral thinking didn’t stop there. I also noticed that on March 2 at the SEC in Glasgow there is the Whitney Houston Hologram Tour! What next, the Elvis Returns to Scotland Tour?! Then I had the magnificent brainwave that could save the leaderless, void-of-direction Labour party.

Search the archives, find footage of the great Red Clydesiders. The charismatic leaders, visionaries and orators like John Maclean and James Maxton. Make the holograms and let them stand for leadership once again. Repeat their articulate words that are so relevant 100 years on. Take for example John Maclean’s “From the Dock” speech. History has proved that society moves forward as a consequence of the underclass overcoming the resistance of the class on top of them. The privileged, the wealthy, the homeless, the food banks, the poverty – need I say more?

So, MPs, MSPs, 100 years on, whatever your political persuasion, please listen to each other and work harder together. Are we really devoid of ideas? Do we have to devise robots or holograms to make things improve? Surely not!

Robin MacLean
Fort Augustus

IS there really anyone on the planet who is not yet aware that the tactic par excellence employed by our illustrious PM and his minions is that of diversion? And how many noticed the news yesterday for which this tactic was a cover (Pentagon official reveals UK committed to multibillion-pound Trident replacement, thenational.scot, February 23)?

I myself almost missed it, as did friends I have spoken to, slipped in among the hot topics of coronavirus and immigration. The UK Government has now confirmed the full funding for the new Trident missiles to be sourced from the USA.

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Absolutely perfect timing! Get Scotland talking about damaging immigration proposals, while everyone is worrying about the spread of a dangerous new virus, and by the time the media or anyone else realises, the decision is all cut and dried.

A good day to bury bad news? When will we learn?

P Davidson

WE should all be deeply concerned by the Machiavellian machinations of the right-wing, supremacist UK Government. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the National Socialists drew their support from the majority white Anglo-Saxon population of Germany, just as Boris Johnson and his “one nation” iconoclasts draw their support from the white Anglo-Saxon population of England.

Solomon Steinbett

IT is good that David Thompson, convenor of Christians For Independence, has come to the defence of Kate Forbes, our new Finance Secretary (Forbes gets backing from faith group, February 20). She was indeed being sniped at. It is notable also that Christians For Independence respects the conscience of its individual members.

This is not what so many of the new ideologies do. All the way from climate change through to secularism and transgenderism, they have taken on the mantle of authority. They impose their beliefs and cry wolf if anyone’s conscience disagrees.

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They are piggy-backing on the SNP, sensing their chances with Scottish independence, though they themselves are nothing to do with independence. They already have all the backing they need from Westminster. They do not respect others’ consciences, their attitude being “let’s go bully these quaint indigenous people”. In the words of that good poet Edwin Muir, “We were a family, a tribe, a people.” But these new ideologies may well wreck us politically.

Lesley J Findlay
Fort Augustus

HEIR anither kinch anent the idaia o “trad wyfes” as Antonia Uri wrytes about in The National (Here’s the problem wi the trad wife muivement, February 20).

Sicna arreingement whaur the wyfe daes aw the hizzieskep sets a verra puir ensampil ti laddies an lassies whan thai ar aulder gettin at thai maun leir ti redd up eftir thairsells an no expek ithers ti dae hit fur thaim. This is maist cleir wi laddies at, whan thai in tirn mairrie, canna cuik, dae waashin ir ein pit thair ain claes awaw.

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A jalouse at the’r anither link atwein sic ill-eddicat men an the prattik o ying dryvars o kerrs cowpin trashrie out thair windaes as thai wheich by, ettlin at sum ither buddie wul lift it. This thoucht wes brocht ti mynd bi a neibour, a fermar, at bene curlin ti Switzerland, whaur fowk dinna cowp trashrie.

Wi cuidna grie whaur the faut liggs. Is it wi beig beisines at happs aw wir cairrie-outs wi on-necessar wappin, ir is it wi thon at cowp it? Is it wi a waant o naitionall pryde in wir inverouns ir cless weirfare whaur the urban puir ar shawin thair ug at the ryke at awn the laun?

Aiblins the faut liggs wi the skuils at is owre thrawn wi acaademik out-cums. Mibbies hit liggs ben the hame. Whaurivver it liggs, hit is a dishailth at we maun fley awaw.

Iain WD Forde