LESLEY Riddoch has clearly got the subject of immigration from a Scottish perspective well and truly sussed out (Heartless points system will alienate Union vote, February 20). I always remember a Frankie Boyle comedy routine that clearly highlighted the myths the far right or just plain ignorant spread. It ended with: “It wasn’t the Poles, taking our jobs, that ruined our economy ... it was the bankers ... the bankers!”

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Home Secretary Priti Patel’s announcement of the heartless points system to be introduced is so short-sighted it beggars belief, and indicates how far the government is willing to go to placate the far right. When implemented it will add another unnecessary hurdle to developing our economy. But of course it won’t affect the greedy,privileged Tory voters who don’t need the NHS or social care, or affect their tax avoidance accounts in the Cayman Islands! Priti Patel’s comments were absolutely mind-boggling, especially considering her own existence in the UK is because her father emigrated here!

It also highlights the fact that Scotland and England are clearly two completely different countries. In Scotland “we’re a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns” and have a more positive attitude regarding asylum seekers and immigrants. I’m not suggesting Scotland is a paradise but we understand, having an ageing population, the positive impact of immigration on our economy, NHS and social care provision. Nicola, appreciating this, suggested a well thought-out immigration scheme for Scotland but as usual it fell on deaf ears.

Oh roll on indyref2. Nicola’s rebuke and Priti Patel’s comments can only cause more NO’s to turn to YES!

Robin MacLean
Fort Augustus