THE plethora of pledged and subsequently broken UK Government promises to the people of Scotland, long prior to 2014 and since, lays bare the continued avowal that this so-called UK is a family of equal nations. This stems not only from the Tory hegemony of the past decade but from centuries of dismissive, colonialist attitudes.

How many times have we heard, nay still hear, England used for Britain/UK? “This country” used to refer to England and used interminably to refer to the whole of the UK? North Britain continues to exist within the Westminster and English media psyche (including the BBC – or rather the EBC), all of the nomenclature also having been implanted long ago within the subjugated psyche of all the Scots exactly as happened throughout the multiplicity of the overseas colonies.

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The English empire continues to pervade all aspects of the now moribund, artificially constructed state. Its relentless democratic bastardisation and impending demise are strikingly etched upon the visages of the Tory MP elite each time they rise to their feet expounding as they masquerade their supposed democratic values in what they claim to be the mother of all democracies, named the UK (English) Parliament.

Do they ever take the time to observe themselves objectively in the mirror? When will they take cognisance of how puerile and out of touch with reality they appear to our EU neighbours, and to other countries worldwide as they persist in treating Scottish democracy as detritus?

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The present English PM may consider himself to be an educated classical scholar (perhaps he should take a university tenure to teach by rote from his extensive repertoire of Latin gems), but such does not guarantee that he possesses the necessary concomitant sagacity to lead a government judiciously and with adequate and proven respect for democracy within this “precious UK”. Those amongst us who have investigated, additionally, the long-term effects of any colonialist intervention and suppression have a more profound degree of comprehension of what the dire lack of respect for democratic institutions and mandates entails and, conversely, what such suppression engenders – a growing and then incessant clamour for independence as witnessed by the countless nations that have reclaimed their rightful places on the world stage over the last century and more.

The boy Boris appears to act as though he is cast in the role of a latter-day Imperator Romanus, perhaps Hadrianus or Antoninus, so keen is he to consider building a wall at Berwick/Carlisle in the event of Scottish independence! No attempt to build one between Northern Ireland and Eire, so why would this be needed on mainland Britain? Totally illogical and scaremongering tactics, clearly not possessing the wisdom of a Plato or a Socrates. He will have much to mull over when he revisits and dips into Gibbon’s History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and should he choose to re-read from the meditative wisdom of a certain Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, he would be encouraged to consider the brevity of his power – a sure reminder that ere long he will become a mere footnote in the final pages written about the final demise of the English empire/fall of the UK!

Wise to his dismissive attitude to the Scots, and to his lies and devious behaviour towards Elizabeth Regina and to the Scottish and UK Supreme Courts (which found him to be acting ultra vires), and aware too of his odious terminology and racialist characterisations, the people of Scotland will not be tempted by, nor succumb (having been belittled for generations) to this English FM’s panem et circenses display of bribes, blandishments, bridges/tunnels at a cost of billions (when countless thousands are cast into dire penury through Universal Credit or withdrawal of a disability allowance), or any other financial “love-bombings” intended to encourage the abandonment of their strongly held intention to seek self-determination. With the continuing and inexorable rise in the opinion polls in favour of another referendum, bully boy Boris and his limp “No Section 30” mantra will evaporate just as a misty cloud lifts from the tops of our mountains at the dawning of our day.

The question is – when will those competent and experienced Scots politicians of a UK stance, having read the political runes, look towards a positive democratic future? Their skills will also be needed by the people of Scotland from the first elections and onwards in our newly independent country!

S Ó Dálaigh
Cala Nan Clach