PAT Kane is right to point out that both hearts and heads come into play when speaking about independence, for both sides of the argument (Hearts matter just as much as heads when it comes to putting indy case, February 15). Indeed, I would point out that when I am being told I am allowing my heart to rule my head, it is the Unionist who is allowing his sentimental attachment to the British state to cloud his judgement.

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When he demurs, I challenge him to go out into the world and try to sell his type of union to other countries which have a bigger neighbour: “I belong to this great union with my bigger neighbour. It is arranged so that his greater numbers can always outvote us and can impose what they like on us. They then go further and tell us it is not a voluntary union and so, in effect, we are like a colony. And best of all, when we say we’d like to ask our people if they want to continue with this arrangement, they say no, that is not allowed.”

The politest response he is likely to get is “no thanks”. Please, The National, keep reminding everyone that independence is normal.

Andrew M Fraser