CAN the unelected be running the country, making major decisions that affect us all? Or could the instructions be coming from across the pond? Of course I speak of the evidence as presented in Thursday’s Cabinet reshuffle, when a certain unelected ploughed his way through his agenda, sweeping aside those in his way! Where is democracy? Is instruction from across the pond being adopted in Westminster?

Disagree, and “you’re fired” will certainly follow, as seen on Thursday. Incidentally, as the dust began to settle on this Cabinet re-shuffle the BBC brought us Question Time from Dundee, a great opportunity for the great and good re-elected from the Conservative Party in Scotland to tell the country what the PM is doing for Scotland. How strange that no Scottish Conservative could be found!

Catriona C Clark

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THE main qualifications for an appointment to Johnson’s Cabinet have become completely transparent: a total loyalty to the Cummings – sorry – the Boris regime without question, which must be accompanied by inclinations towards servility and flattery.

Steve Brooker
North Kessock