THE Prime Minister clearly owes a debt to Dominic Cummings for masterminding the lies that eventually succeeded in getting him into Number 10. Hence the sacking and insulting police escort from Downing Street of respected advisers to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Beware, Mr Johnson – the leader who surrounds himself with sycophants turns the government into a dictatorship and eventually alienates everyone else.

Mike Underwood

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DOMINIC Cummings has reshuffled the Cabinet, enhancing his power by taking control of Number 11 Downing Street as well as Number 10.

John Jamieson
West Lothian

I DID say that within months they would all be at each other’s throat. I gave them three months, they couldn’t even manage that! Now get the popcorn ready for the fall-out ... it’s great for independence as Boris is working flat out for our cause!

Sandy Allan