I WAS heartened to read Brian Cox’s expressed view that the SNP should consider changing its name to the Scottish Independence Party (‘Independence is when not if’, February 9). I agree with the intention here, as of course outside Scotland “national” – most frequently referred to by international and London broadcasters, and indeed the current PM, as “nationalist” – has very negative connotations based on historical atrocities committed across the globe by right-wing and often racist ethnic nationalist movements.

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Of course, we in the party know that this is the total opposite of what the SNP represents, but then again “perception is reality” for many and our opponents, including the PM, use that connotation mercilessly to try to blacken us in the media.

The “Scottish Independence Party” would spell out loud and clear, to the world, what the party stands for and intends to deliver.

Ian Stewart
Uig, Isle of Skye