I’VE just finished reading Tuesday’s National Conversation pages. Rab Mungall is quite correct when he states that the Tory politics as demonstrated by Dominic Raab contrast greatly with the more moderate and considerate attitude to politics in Scotland.

However, I would question whether or not we actually want a “politics of hope” as he states, and as is indicated in the last paragraph of Grant Fraser’s letter where he wishes for “a partnership of independent nations in the British Isles, interdependent on each other and co-operating in Europe with the rest of the world”.

Well, Grant’s vision is not going to happen. England has selfishly taken us out of Europe because it’s what they want and not what we want. So, forget getting back into Europe as part of the UK. It’s just wishful thinking.

In fact, that is what Scotland’s present politics of hope actually is. It’s wishful thinking! If you look up hope in the dictionary it will tell you that it is “wishing for something that might happen to actually happen”. At this moment in time Nicola Sturgeon and all the other “heid yins” in the SNP are hoping that Boris will change his mind because he realises he is being unreasonable. But Boris is not a reasonable person. He’s an egotistical, selfish, greedy Bullingdon Bully. Unreasonable is his natural disposition. He will not change. So, our leaders are indulging in “wishful thinking” politics.

As Gordon Millar (Website Comments, February 4), correctly states, we need them to change. We need them to find a Plan B or a Plan C, D, or E! Anything that will work to get us the independence that more and more of us are craving for (there’s that hope word again). We want it desperately (very strong hope) and as the recent polls show, more than 50% now wish for it to happen. But alas, just hoping for it will not get it.

We need to step up our efforts and perhaps even decide just to take it without seeking Westminster’s permission.

The SNP should remember this: In 2014, before the referendum campaign started, those in favour of independence amounted to around 20% but we ended up achieving a 45% support. The latest three polls already put support at, or over, 50%. Think what a campaign round the doors is likely to achieve this time. You are probably looking at 65% in favour of independence this time.

Either a massive telephone poll or an “advisory referendum” giving that kind of result – and a subsequent declaration that unless UK negotiates, we will leave without their consent – is all Boris Johnson is likely to listen to.

We are not like Catalonia, which is a region of Spain. We are a separate country from England with an entirely separate history until about 700 years ago. Then we voluntarily entered into a Treaty. We should be able to voluntarily withdraw from that Treaty without having to seek the permission of the other participant; particularly since the other participant has breached the Treaty on so many occasions. Please, First Minister, stop pussyfooting around and get us the referendum or the independence we want!

Charlie Kerr

MAY I suggest what seems to me to be a simple action that might help the current impasse with the agreement to hold the referendum?

The ostensible reason for not holding one is from Boris Johnson’s “once in a generation”. He knows it is not true. We all know it is not true. No such binding agreement was reached. Cannot the Scottish Court of Session judge and and pronounce on its falseness? Then the reason against it has gone, so there is no block to agreeing.

Victor Moncrieff