WHY does the BBC continue to invite Mr Farage to appear frequently on screen to broadcast his totally unresearched, off-the-cuff pontifications?

Remember “German car makers will make sure we get a great trade deal”? The latest one being “the EU are scared stiff of having a competitor on their doorstep”.

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If Nissan and Vauxhall leave the country in the event of No Deal, we will have little choice but to buy European vehicles to service demand. However, with something like 40 million vehicles registered in the UK, saturation point must be on the horizon. A drop in sales is already indicating this. Also, the target market for European manufactured goods must be Asia, as the UK is diminutive in comparison.

However, now that we have left the EU I suppose we can take comfort from being forced to assist Donald Trump in causing chaos around the world and selling us more expensive pharmaceuticals as well as growth-hormone beef.

Mike Underwood