LESLEY Riddoch’s excellent article (We’re leaving the EU – but we know we’ll someday be back, so chin up!, January 30) showed us a new dimension in our independence fight. She has placed Brexit into the context of our self-determination aim and explained the reason why.

Reading Stuart Campbell’s comments (Internal critics reject FM indyref plan, February 1), his viewpoints are all hindsight, something which is said to be the perfect science. Mr Campbell is someone whom I have never considered to be an asset to our movement.

As to James Kelly’s comments on the same page, James’s analysis on polling is always good, but reading his article, it is full of “what ifs”, “would probably haves”, “maybes” and “if this had been done” etc. All of which is insight with a different set of clothes.

With a feeling of exasperation, I turned the page and had it dispelled by reading Kirsty Strickland’s positive article (The FM’s speech was anything but cautious).

Our aim to achieve self-determination will only get one shot. We do not have the luxury of a dress rehearsal, dummy run or wishful thinking. If we get it wrong, it will be a long time before we get a third indyref and at my age of 78 I’ll not be around to see it.

At this historic time, what is required is careful consideration as to timing, correct assessment as to the majority attitude favourable to independence, patience and unity – which means that factional difference is put aside while we adopt our one goal.

That is why the position stated by Nicola Sturgeon at this stage is in my opinion correct (I’m not an SNP member). I think the anti-independence forces at present are at their weakest, while our movement is becoming stronger. I list some of my reasons:

1) Scotland’s largest union, Unison, has decided to support indyref2.

2) Nicola Sturgeon has made Europe aware of Scotland’s desire for nationhood and its majority support for the EU.

3) I was at the Inverness march, where I witnessed a cross-section of our people participate (my son of 40 was there with my wife and I – it was his first demo of any kind and his only regret was that he didn’t have a Saltire).

4) Unionism is unable to hold a demonstration, aware of the unsavoury element who will turn up. A clear advantage to us in this area.

5) The state of the Scottish political opposition is dire. LibDems a nonentity. Tories with their leadership contest revealing their nastiness. The Labour party leadership coming apart, the cause of which is the democratic right to a second indyref.

6) The Westminster government/establishment is totally diverted now with Brexit and its consequences.

7) The all-important grass roots of our movement are changing thinking all over our nation.

Bobby Brennan

PASSING thought. Now that “get done” Boris has got rid of all these pesky foreigners interfering in our “internal” affairs, who is he going to blame when the utopian dream he promised, DOESN’T come to pass? Up until now it’s all been the fault of allegedly unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels. Stand by for lots of wriggling and twisting and the good old Boris back-up ... LIES!!!

Barry Stewart

LISA Nandy just cannot help herself making gaffes and faux pas. The best way is to ignore her and her actions. Commenting and observing are just simply drawing attention to her. By ignoring her is the way not to “pandy” to Nandy! Save one’s breath!

John Edgar