AFTER many moons of dithering, we were promised a new independence referendum in 2020. But it was always obvious a polite request for “permission” would be rejected. So now what?

More dithering, seems to be the answer. Politicians now talk of focusing on the May 2021 Scottish Parliament elections. Those will provide a strengthened mandate, they claim. But the mandate already exists. The mandate has existed for ages. The mandate is already very strong. This very strong mandate, which has existed for ages, has been ignored.

The Tories reckon they can get away with continuing to ignore that very strong mandate forever, no matter how many times it might be “reinforced”. So, in practice, all that’s happening is that we’re again being asked for our votes in party-political elections leading ... nowhere.

Stuff that! Never mind party-political elections a year and a quarter away. We want a new, non-party-political referendum, this year. There has to be vigorous action for that NOW.

Scottish MPs could, and should, be tearing up the parliamentary rule-book. They should be obstructing “business as usual”. They should be making Westminster unworkable. Encouraged by their vigorous example, the Yes movement could, and should, be making Scotland ungovernable by Westminster.

The Scottish Parliament could, and should, proceed with a new, non-party-political referendum on independence, without hesitation or delay. If necessary, the Green party could, and should, take the initiative over this.

If the British ruling class attempt to block, undermine, or sabotage democratic self-determination, this could, and should, be resisted with mass demonstrations, strikes, and civil disobedience.

Okay, our Radical Independence Angus is just a wee group. But despite that we’ll do our best to play our part, along with other folks, in action for a new non-party-political referendum without delay. And we will play our part in winning that referendum decisively for Yes.

If you like the sound of this, and if you want to help, then please join in campaigning with us. Our next group meeting will be at 7pm next Monday, February 10, at the Blether-In, 5 West High Street, Forfar. Hope to see you then.

Dave Coull
Findowrie, Angus

I MUST disagree with Gordon Millar’s comment that Boris is “running rings round” the Scottish Government (Website comments, February 4). He can’t even run rings round his front room.

Gordon states that Scotland is “further away from achieving independence than at any time since 2014” and that “the support of the EU brings us no closer to independence”, but yesterday’s front page shows that we may have, for the first time since 2014, a majority, albeit a small one, in favour of independence. We have a sound legal basis for insisting on the right of Scots to determine their own future and have the support of large parts of the international community. We built that support by insisting that we prove our moral and legal right to our friends and allies.

Building these alliances takes time, but the more Boris shows his incompetence and the more the failings of his policy on leaving the EU become clearer, the more people will see him not as a loveable rogue, but as a pantomime villain. He is driving formerly undecided Scots to support the cause of self-determination.

I do not wish to go into an independence referendum with any chance of losing it, just because I cannot wait a few months for more people to see the failure of the Union. The last General Election and the EU referendum both showed that mass politics is a notoriously fickle master, and we face well-connected and well-funded opponents. If we did lose, and the current polls show that support for independence is still only just in the majority, it would indeed be a once-in-a-generation defeat and my old heart would be broken.

Pete Rowberry

WHEN I was in high school I had to learn that the only way to deal with a bully is to stand up to them. When I did stand up to the bully, our relationship immediately changed from that of bully/victim to one of friendship. I can’t help thinking the same applies to the relationship between Scotland and England, and that at some point the FM is going to have to stand up to the PM in a meaningful way.

If we analyse the actions of the First Minister thus far, they have all been evasive, side-stepping the issue and trying to avoid the direct confrontation with Westminster which will bring things to a head and precipitate a solution. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that Nicola Sturgeon is ultimately feart of independence.

Solomon Steinbett

HAVING read the long letter by Ann Christie on Sunday, I strongly suspect that she does not want independence for Scotland. Such negativity takes my breath away. Has she not heard of divide and rule? I am almost certain that the Tory government have – they must be delighted with her support.

We must have faith in Nicola Sturgeon and show it – now is not the time to get the jitters. Scots are slow burners; wait until the fire reaches their bellies, then blustering Boris will feel the pain, I for one cannot wait, but in the meantime we must have patience.

Maureen Patton