I CAN’T help but feel the Greens’ budget priorities sound great to a city dweller but to those of us living further afield the picture is different.

20 years ago Embo had a bus service, but not today.

I’m 46 miles north of Inverness and on a good day the journey by car takes an hour. I’m 200 miles from Edinburgh and that takes four hours. The dualling of the A9 would allow me to visit the city on a day trip. The bus from Inverness is good but I don’t get to stretch my legs.

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Some cycling infrastructure would be great, particularly on busy single-track roads. Here, walking infrastructure is the verges we nip onto to let cars and lorries pass.

I’ve checked the train service from Tain to Inverness: time taken one hour; distance 24 miles; cheapest cost £18. A little bit expensive for a pensioner, and I’d still need the car to get to the station.

Patrick needs to think of the whole country and not just the cities.

Catriona Grigg