I ATTENDED the gathering on Saturday outside the Holyrood parliament. A good crowd of 300-400 Yes supporters of all ages, and not all SNP supporters. One such person was interested in the mostly SNP badges attached to my Yes bag. She confessed to not being an SNP member but a Remainer as a member of the Liberal Democrats.

She realised the way to achieve her party’s policy of remaining in the EU was to support the Yes movement and hopefully be able to return Scotland, at least, as a new and independent member of the European Union, one way or another.

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This has given me cause to wonder about her party’s Scottish leader, Willie Rennie. He who has insisted that his party stands firm in its support of the EU but does nothing to help make that policy work. Maybe Willie’s innate objection to the SNP in Holyrood is just personal, without reference to his membership, who might just want to now support the SNP’s secondary mission of creating an independent Scotland as a member of the EU, in one form or another.

Alan Magnus-Bennett