OF course Jim Sillars is right that no end of flag-waving will win new recruits to our cause, but it does rally the troops and it’s a lovely feeling to be amongst those of like mind. Therefore the call for a new Yes Scotland to concentrate on the one aim of taking the polls up to 60% is the answer for all the movement, as called for by both Nicola and Jim.

It is not enough just to be active. We must know our target audience and how to win it. By celebrating at every step the diversity of the Yes movement we can prevent the targeting of the SNP. One simple aid to campaigning is having the answers to the main five or six reasons why many of those who were unsure in 2014 may be now won over.

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I and many others can understand Jim’s frustration, so let’s get on with the research, have the answers and a joyous vision with which to have some influence on the polls. Relying on the effects of Boris and his gang in Westminster is getting us nowhere. We must now be proactive and dictate the narrative. Let’s please get on with it as soon as possible.

I would also ask that any funding must only go to those groups showing evidence of working in ways that are focused on winning over former No voters.

Yes, keep marching, but know that without what Jim and many others have been calling for we will get nowhere along the road to the success we seek.

Tony Martin