SHORTLY before the Westminster parliament rose last autumn, Jeremy Corbyn said that December’s election was a “once in a generation” election. So according to Alister Jack this means that there will be no General Election until about 2059. Due to my age I will not be able to vote, so could someone please cast a proxy for me for SNP?

That said, Mr Jack said there will be no referendum in Nicola’s lifetime, and he is surely not the harbinger of some very dark event.

On the bright side, Margaret Thatcher said that Scotland would be independent when Scotland returns a majority of independence-supporting MPs to Westminster. Whoopee, we are already out.

M Ross

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SO when Boris Johnson issued a plea to voters to back the Conservative party in a “critical once-in-a-generation election” in December, was he using a different definition of the word, or are we stuck with him for ever and ever?

Margaret Edgar