I AGREE with Toni Giugliano (Independence will be won by involving all citizens of Scotland, January 7). It is on “economics” that Scottish independence will be won.

Boris Johnson must be laughing all the way to the bank just now. Look how the UK Government is using our hard-earned National Insurance contributions to pay off its debt while the UK pension is 29% of the average wage, shame-faced against Italy (93.2%), Spain (81.8%), Ireland (42.3%) and most other European countries.

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In contrast, Scotland is sitting with vast renewable energy resources, with the World Economic Forum forecasting that “offshore wind is set to become a trillion dollar industry by 2040”, a huge development opportunity for Scotland. More oil has been discovered recently, which should not be used unwisely but could be used as backing for a Scottish currency along with our exports which are in surplus, unlike England.

Boris Johnson, while editor of The Spectator, published a poem calling Scots “poisonous dwarves”, too pathetic to run their own country. It may be satire but he chose to publish it. Come on Scotland, let us run our own country and have the last laugh.

Susan Grant