I AM banging my head onto my desk. I want an independent Scotland with a strong Labour party which keeps us to the left, but the current leader is making this very difficult. Richard Leonard was on Twitter right up to the close of the polls on Thursday night, then silence till Sunday afternoon. I am aware he was on TV but let’s face it, how many Scots have forgone that with BBC bias? On Sunday lunchtime what does he come up with? A tweet saying that Scottish Labour are going to listen to the electorate and reflect on what they hear.

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He does not say thanks to all the volunteers, the activists, the candidates and the voters who have invested so much time and energy into the recent campaign. By not mentioning them he treats them with the contempt that Labour have treated the Scottish electorate with for years. That isn’t a policy failure or a Corbyn failure, this is a Richard Leonard failure. Now he may have thanked them elsewhere, but if you are going to use social media you need to keep using it, not just when it suits.

I am very sceptical that any listening project of Scottish Labour will actually achieve anything without a seismic shift that drops the SNP-bad rhetoric and admits previous mistakes.

I won’t cancel the order for a new desk just yet though.

Davie Graham
via email