TIMES change. We live in times of great flux, so that sitting on some “central beliefs fence” no longer works. We have to take sides – to take risks – otherwise we can end up on the wrong side of history with endless problems. There is no security or safety – only change is certain. Hopefully change for the better!

A good example: when Edward III in 1340 in Ghent Flanders declared he was King of France, in order to claim rights over Aquitaine, the results were appalling, with repeated invasions of France which cost many lives. It was not about English sovereignty or vassalage – it was about aristocratic elites and anxiety about their status. Unbelievably it ended up with British monarchs declaring themselves King of France for 500 years! To 1802. It’s the same with this Brexit, with no obvious way to get out of it!

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Our futures are threatened by these tax-less and state-less individuals, such as Rees-Mogg lounging on Tory benches or Boris in his harness being tangled by his puppet master Trump. Is this the future we choose – or do we Scots want to be free to choose our own future? These are the images and messages the SNP must get across for this election. We are at a crucial point in history, make no mistake about it!

The Tory and Unionist party have abandoned their allies the DUP. Boris has brought in discipline by removing any dissenting voices – Ruth Davidson is gone now, as is Mundell – in order to push through his right-wing Brexit Britain. I’m not sure I understand why Labour voters in the north of England want this view of England, unless they really want some left-wing renationalised England? Neither of these two extremes worked in the past, why would they work now? What Scotland needs instead is a new vision of both business and wellbeing pursued together, as Sturgeon proposes. National control of our infrastructures and resources, but also freedom for businesses. Progressive socialism perhaps.

Meanwhile Westminster continues to waste its time on a Brexit merry-go-round and archaic practices. Scotland needs to escape. Scotland is strategically too important to go it alone and will need EU backing. Boris claims the Scottish Parliament does not have a say in Brexit, even while the Scottish Parliament has a vote on any withdrawal agreement: he could even close the Scottish Parliament.

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I hear No voters say we must all stay together. I agree, but it doesn’t mean Scottish decisions must be made at Westminster. I feel certain the reverse would never work and there is no way that Londoners would want Edinburgh making their decisions for them! But also we must all trade and co-operate, as successful independent states: just as other modern nations do. Scotland is a totally different country to England: our type of land, the people, our businesses, our aspirations.

I’ve no idea what Brexit means, except a constitutional crisis certainly. The language of Brexit has become brutal and nasty, it’s extremely concerning and we all must reflect on this. It’s not about “bringing the country together” – it’s about realising this rhetoric and fierce debate in the media and politics has been shallow and artificial. There is no depth at all. It’s all simple soundbites, with no real truth. Shockingly, studies by Cardiff and Edinburgh universities reveal that both Leave and Remain voters believe violence may be a necessary part of Brexit! The press barons have a lot to answer for with their inflammatory headlines.

It’s well past time we considered what we all have in common: wanting to build a better country for our children, surely – with good job prospects and trading deals. The matter of whether it is EFTA or WTO rules is for future negotiations. These debates have to be more informed and more mature, if that’s possible? What does Leave mean anyway? We’ll still need to trade with the EU.

P Keightley