ON Saturday, presumably having exhausted their offers on everything else for the moment, the election campaign turned to planting trees.

By 2025 or so the Tories are going to plant 30 million trees a year, and the LibDems are going to plant 60 million.

It looks like once again England is going to follow Scotland’s lead. Last year Scotland’s target was to plant 10,000 hectares of trees and in fact planted 11,200 hectares, while England aimed at 5,000 hectares and planted only 1,400 hectares.

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In terms of tree numbers, 22 million trees were planted in Scotland compared to about two million trees planted in England. The Scottish Government is upping its target, so the Tories’ target of 30 million trees per year will be met by the Scottish Government just getting on with the day job.

The Brexit Party is already full of planks, so that only leaves Labour to announce a free Christmas tree for every house in the country by 2025, with the Greens complaining about its carbon footprint, to complete this round of promises.

John Jamieson
South Queensferry