ONCE again a Tory PM makes a once-in-their-lifetime visit to Scotland and trots out the meaningless mantra that the 2014 referendum was a once-in-a-generation event, more binding and sacred than the Ten Commandments, to effectively deny a democratic imperative and mask his utter contempt for the Scottish people.

It is time that we put the final nail in the coffin of this idiotic Unionist propaganda tool once and for all. What is never apparently admitted nor recognised is that the majority of Scottish people who support independence are neither SNP members nor nationalists.

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What motivates the majority of Yessers, people like me, is our complete rejection of the Westminster pigsty and its loathsome personnel. We support the SNP and vote for them as a mechanism to gain our independence, but the SNP do not speak for us, and despite the fact that it was SNP politicians who made the “once-in-a-generation” statement, it does not bind people like me or justify the Unionist tribe adopting it as the eleventh commandment.

As this newspaper demonstrates, the independence movement is far larger than the SNP, and so, even if the SNP were completely sincere about “once in a generation”, that commitment does not apply to me or the many thousands like me – who are, I would argue, the majority.

However, if statements and commitments by leading politicians are to be held sacred and binding, what about the binding commitments of the “Vow?’ That scandalous event was an exercise in sheer barefaced lying that has few comparisons. You may argue that the SNP committed to a once-in-a-generation event, but the Westminster mob made a Vow – that was their description of their commitment, the independence movement didn’t call it that.

Even the newspaper that published it (whose name is never spoken in decent company) has since apologised for being a party to such outrageous affrontery, and accept that they were conned into being party to an act of gross indecency. The irony is that if the Westminster criminals had actually fulfilled their Vow, it is likely that the referendum would indeed have been a once-in-a-generation event.

Unionism is thus suffering the consequences of their own mendacity. Westminster did what they always do, lied and lied again, and as a result no Westminster politician has any authority – political, moral, or ethical – to continually parrot this as an excuse to ignore a movement that represents a majority of Scots. And make no mistake, this movement does now encompass a sizeable majority. Brexit and the current Prime Minister have ensured that.

In addition, the Westminster criminals assured the Scots that the only way to guarantee their continued membership of the EU was to trust them. What a joke, and the laugh was on us as we did put our trust in the biggest bunch of pathological liars on the planet and were well and truly shafted. Well, as The Who sang, we won’t be fooled again and simply will not accept the attempted denial of our democratic rights by the lie that is “once in a generation”.

Peter Kerr

ONCE again Alex Salmond’s off-the-cuff remark that the 2014 referendum was a “once-in-a-generation” event has been used, this time by Boris Johnson, as a cudgel with which to blooter indyref2.

I’m sure Alex used this expression to emphasise the urgency of people coming out to vote on such an important issue. However, the remark has since been weaponised by Unionists as though it were a signed and sealed legally binding declaration.

So let me be equally literal with the Unionists. Alex Salmond did not specify in his statement which species his generation referred to. An amoeba generation might be several minutes, for example, a sheep generation maybe a year and a half. Take your pick.

So let’s get real guys: this once-in-a-generation thing is a complete non-argument and you know it. If we treated everything Boris Johnson spouted as gospel we all know which creek we would have sailed up long ago.

Ken Gilmour