I WAS interested to read Joe Cowan’s somewhat scathing account of poor Mr Corbyn, in which he deprecates his performance as an effective opposition leader (Letters, October 31).

I have always admired Jeremy Corbyn’s ability to be moderate, indeed modest, in his ripostes, using non-insulting vocabulary, and to leave the mud-slinging to others, thus showing them, with all the more poignant contrast, for what they are.

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With regard to the shortest day, winter solstice, I had always understood that to occur on December 21st, but seemingly it can occur around that date, so that Mr Cowan and Mr Corbyn could both be deemed to be correct.

Brian York
via email

JEREMY Corbyn said “thisis a once-in-a-generation election”. Does that mean we can’t or won’t have any more elections?

Gordon Walker
via email