AS ever, some very well observed points made by Lesley Riddoch (A major SNP win will confirm that Scots are turning to independence, October 31) including the matter of them being an experienced campaign machine. She is absolutely right to say that this is not about domestic policy records or ambitions; it is singly about independence.

It’s about us demanding the un-reserving of those reserved matters. It is utterly ludicrous that we, as an innovative, entrepreneurial, successful people, do not already control our own trade, economy, constitution, social security and all other primary functions of state.

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She highlights the strength of SNP talent which inhabits the Cimmerian halls of an archaic Etonian finishing school; a gentlemen’s club for the incompetent. The sooner we see the return of those “awe-inspiring” individuals, the better. I am desperate to have our own autonomous legislature resident in Holyrood, where I foresee the dissolution of the SNP as an entity and the formation of a hugely talented government and opposition, each adequately occupied by our best and determined visionaries. What’s not to like?

I differ from Lesley in her sanguine acceptance of Johnson for another five years of persistent lies and incessant self-aggrandisement; that is a potential coup de grace for our ancient dominion. A further Brexit vote could have answered that dilemma – but let’s not look back.

I would also ask Lesley to reconsider her proposition of “the ideal outcome of a minority Corbyn government dependent on SNP votes”. Fanciful at best; what would happen next? Does Corbyn allow his means of power to simply drift away following a successful independence result which he must have hitherto agreed to? Remember, his 59 SNP parliamentary colleagues will become redundant; no more; gone; flown. They would be the only thing keeping him in power. Turkeys would be writing in with cautionary fervour; as if they’d just heard Slade sing on December 13. It won’t happen.

The SNP must have independence, front, centre, paramount, predominant, on anything remotely resembling an official missive. This UK election MUST be framed unquestionably as an indicatory plebiscite, even if we have to follow this up with a confirmatory referendal nod. It sure beats governance by illegal Johnson diktat.

Amusingly, I must confess I didn’t have a Scooby who David Duguid was either. Alister Jack’s body-double? He may have fared better with his chances had he previously campaigned for the rights of EU citizens to gain settled status instead of being lied to repeatedly by his erstwhile Tory Cabinet chums. Their response to this specific moral question has been nothing short of criminal. Say goodbye to those chums Mr Duguid, they’ve sold you and our EU friends down the river.

I am fully committed to being a “critical friend” wholly focused on our independence push. Brexit apathy; domestic policy shortcomings (named persons; The Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act) are all for future debate.

The wider Yes movement is ready; the SNP leadership must provide the vanguard for a political movement primed for inevitable victory. Let’s make it happen. Now.

Brian McCabe

THERE arrived on Tuesday a very glossy (expensive) leaflet from the Scottish Liberal Party. It says: “A Better Future: Jo Swinson: The UK’s next Prime Minister”.

Now to my recollection when David Cameron, then Prime Minister, put forward the law “English votes for English laws” in 2015, this made every MP for a Scottish seat a second-class MP. MPs for Scottish seats could not become Cabinet ministers, as they would not be able to vote on English issues. Ms Swinson was a minister in that government.

Now I do know that the Fixed Term Parliament Act came into force in that same year, and that ways were found to circumvent that by Mrs Theresa May, who called an election to increase her majority, and lost her majority then had to bribe the DUP with our money to get their support.

Does this fiddling about mean that the “English votes law” can also be dissembled? If this is the case could we then see Ian Blackford, MP for Skye, becoming the Prime Minister?

Just mildly curious, as Westminster seems to produce different rules for different scenarios. I am sure that Ian would shudder at the thought.

Or are the Liberals just lying again?

Jim Lynch

JOHN Nicholson is getting dog’s abuse from a well-known pro-indy blogger for not including independence in his election leaflet. The SNP is synonymous with independence. A vote for the SNP is a vote for independence, the branding is well established. I would suggest to those who are as anxious as I am to be free of an Westminster, ca’ canny.

Mike Herd