WHAT motivates the far-right-wing Tories and their wealthy backers to pull out of trade deals with over 100 countries the UK already benefits from to enter into a trade deal with Donald Trump’s USA? They seem to be eager to concede sovereignty to the USA, which allows Mr Trump to have the UK by the “short and curlies”.

Judging by Mr Trump’s bullying tactics on the world stage, he wouldn’t hesitate to punish the UK if we disagreed with his foreign and “America First” policies. He has already interfered with our sovereign business with promises and statistics pulled out of the air. Despite what Johnson and Trump say about the NHS, it will be included, perhaps covertly, in trade negotiations. Statements by both men are not always congruent with the actuality.

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Moderate MPs’ attempts at preventing serious damage being inflicted on the UK by a “No-Deal” exit from the EU have been labelled “anti-democratic”, but the decline of democracy began in 2016 when David Cameron opened Pandora’s Box and released lies, fake news and personal abuse.

Whatever the motivation of the far right, it is not altruistic.

Mike Underwood