IT beggars belief that Ruth Davidson did not see the storm over her PR job coming. Anyone can see the glaring conflict of interest with her role as an MSP, so was it about the money or the ego (Davidson drops lobby firm job following outcry, October 30)?

To make it worse, she is said to have “sat down with Scottish Parliamentary officials in advance to go through the code of conduct, in detail, in order to avoid any conflict”.

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If this is true, then there is something seriously wrong with the code of conduct and the common sense of both Davidson and these officials.

It is right that a bill is being brought forward to ban MSPs from having second jobs.

Dennis White

IN what was the last Prime Minister’s Questions of this parliamentary session, party leaders and MPs put on a rather buoyant show in the House of Commons as they vied for the attention of the Speaker – a Speaker who was leading and ruling from the front in his last PMQs, after 10 years in post.

One MP who managed to grab his attention was Conservative John Lamont MP (Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk), who true to form as a Scottish Conservative could not help himself as he raised the issue of Scottish independence and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP.

Interestingly Mr Lamont did not stop there, he further went on to use his opportunity on the floor of the House to criticise the best-performing NHS in the UK – that will be Scotland’s NHS, which is devolved to the Holyrood Parliament. No if’s no but’s, just the facts Mr Lamont!

Catriona C Clark

I ADMIT to a certain frustration about how to answer certain Unionist MPs when they make blatantly outrageous statements about Scotland. Any rejoinder seems somehow lame and overly self-defensive and you feel it elicits a sneaky smirk from the speaker.

I think now though I have it: they are too stupid to know the difference between a county and a country. They are too stupid to know the difference between an encouraging remark from a leader to Scots to get out to vote, and a promise to desist from any further complaint. It makes me feel better, I have to admit.

Victor Moncrieff

BELOW is a copy of my email to the BBC regarding the words “the nation and the country”. Don’t hold out much hope for anything ...

I note that Alister Jack, the Scottish Secretary, when interviewed on Radio Scotland, mentioned the words “the nation and the country” three times. Now as we all know, Great Britain is a Union of three countries and a province, therefore why was he not asked “which country or nation are you referring to: England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland?” It also happens regularly thoughout the BBC, without any corrective question from the interviewer or news anchor. And you wonder why the question of BBC Unionist bias is regularly raised?

Yours in anticipation of fair campaign coverage, but sadly without much hope.

Steve Brooker
North Kessock

AMANDA Baker raises an important point (Letters, October 31). The first part of the Grenfell Tower inquiry having heavily criticised the London Fire Brigade has deflected the spotlight away from the real criminals in this tragic disaster.

I recall a Tory MP and member of the ERG rubbing his hands and stating gleefully that “freedom” from EU regulations would allow us to have “a bonfire of red tape”.Well, it is evident now what will happen when safety is ignored for the sake of profit.

Will the second part of the inquiry recommend charges of corporate manslaughter and criminal charges? I won’t hold my breath.

Terry Keegans
North Ayrshire

IT seems there is one highly relevant question that it not being asked about the fiasco over the Sick Kids’ Hospital. If the construction company has not met the safety standards required by building regulations, why is it still apparently receiving payment?

If this pertains to something in the contract, the concomitant question must be to ask why no heads have rolled amongst the commissioning experts who drew up the contract on behalf of the NHS.

P Davidson

HOW fitting that Friday 13th will dictates the fate of the Tories as it did the Knights Templar, who, it should be remembered, had grown from protectors of pilgrims to a society driven by the accumulation of great wealth and power.

This could be a very lucky Friday 13th for Scotland!

Piers Doughty-Brown