CAMPAIGNING has begun for December’s snap General Election – and we’re asking you to share party leaflets from your area.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be looking at the official campaign material circulated by candidates around the country to find out what promises are made to voters – and find out if claims made against rivals are true.

To help us, share the pamphlets and posters that come through your letterbox.

We won’t reveal your personal details, but the information you share could help us highlight important issues in the parliamentary race.

These include matters relevant to some of the biggest questions facing Scotland, including Brexit, health, defence and independence.

And they also include the local issues that could swing the vote in each seat.

We’ll fact check the claims and probe any inconsistencies and inaccuracies we find.

To help us find out about the campaigning where you are, please email in-focus images of relevant material to

Or, to send these letters and leaflets through the post, pop them in an envelope addressed to The National, 200 Renfield Street, Glasgow, G2 3QB.

Please remember to mark all such emails and letters “General Election 2019”.

Thanks for your support – we look forward to hearing from you as the campaigns swing into gear.