TONY BLAIR fears the worst outcome of a No-Deal Brexit, an independent Scotland. The passé Unionist cannot even support the Scottish vote to remain in the EU. The Labour party at Holyrood is comatose and reduced to a husk north of the Tweed. It was a pity Blair was not asked why Labour are in their present state on the TV interview with BBC Scotland, but BBC Scotland is comatose as well! It thinks the two- party system plus the wee LibDems is the destined norm for this island!

It could have asked him to account for the AUOB marches for independence, but BBC Scotland is not aware of those at all.

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In fact, Brexit is the reason that Scotland will be independent. As chaotic Westminster with its dead-end English aka “British” parties and the so-called Precious Union are the cause of this Brexit debâcle, and as the present regime at No 10 is driven by a foul-mouthed corner boy “anarchist” issuing tweets and in the language of the gutter, independence is the only outlet left.

It grates to think that our only existing link to Europe and beyond is to be made through this present government at Westminster that has adopted lies, insults and degrading language in pursuit of policy.

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Scotland deserves better and it can do better. The rest of Europe has seen for the first time the true Westminster. The so-called Anglophones who came out and harangued us during indyref1 must now regret their actions. The EU forgot then that Scotland was and is a part of the EU. It kens noo where Scotland lies in relation to the EU, and one cannot throw off a sense of Schadenfreude that the EU got it wrong.

Blair is right to see Brexit as a spur to Scottish independence. Yet he still sees the Union as beneficial and ironically hinted that a UK Brexit will cause chaos but leaving the UK would cause “additional” chaos, so we should remain!! What lumpen nonsense! A non sequitur indeed. The only thing left to pool and share by remaining in the UK is chaos!

If that is the only point in a Better Together argument, then we had better leave the UK!

Who invited Blair to pop up to comment? Or did he invite himself and BBC Scotland tugged the forelock?

John Edgar

AS the UK Prime Minister has now refined the “differentiated position” for Northern Ireland proposed to the EU, to allow Stormont the opportunity every four years to extend or end a continuing customs arrangement with the EU after Brexit, surely there is now no logical argument for denying Scotland and Holyrood the same “arrangement”?

Given that a higher percentage of Scots voted to remain in the EU and that Scotland is supposed to be in a “partnership” with England, it would appear logic would dictate that at the very least such an arrangement should also be offered to Scotland. While the Prime Minister seeks “compromise” from the EU, the compromise proposed by the First Minister via the “Scotland in Europe” document continues to be ignored by both the UK Government and the mainstream media.

Of course it comes as no great surprise, especially with the SNP conference approaching, that the opposition parties at Holyrood and so-called “investigative journalists” in the media are more concerned with the number of pairs of shoes the current Lord Provost has purchased in her “Buy Scotland” campaign, than by the actions of a UK Government that would lead to Scotland being further disadvantaged in international trade matters, perhaps to the tune of billions of pounds, but surely we should expect more from those who profess to act on behalf of the people of Scotland?

Stan Grodynski
Longniddry, East Lothian