SO now we know what it will look like, the kind of “great trade deal” that dedicated Brexit and Boris supporter Trump will give us after we leave the EU – 25% tariff on malt whisky, amongst other items. That will be in addition to the “red line” he has already laid down, that the definition of this iconic product must be changed from “matured in a barrel for three years in Scotland” to “one year in a barrel anywhere that chooses to produce it”. Aye, right, roll over Scotland.

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I doubt this disastrous attack on one of our most profitable exports will worry Westminster. After all, what does it matter if it impoverishes the Scottish economy? Scotland is too wee, too poor and too stupid anyway for it to make much difference. But are we really going to take this lying down? Even if we are unable to retaliate in tit-for-tat action, as such trade decisions are the remit of Westminster, there are ways in which we could respond right now that would have some impact.

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Almost at the same time as this tariff was announced, we learned that taxpayer-supported Prestwick Airport has not collected the proper dues from American military for use of its facilities. No wonder American personnel can afford to make use of Trump Turnberry, while Prestwick struggles to make ends meet! Should our Scottish Government not immediately decree that all such charges will in future be collected in full, starting on the same date as the new tariff, and perhaps even including compensation for past omissions? Prestwick might even cease to be loss-making! Where is any “special relationship” if the US is deliberately attacking some of Scotland’s most valuable and prestigious exports, due to a dispute with the EU in which we have no involvement?

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Moreover, Trump has just been granted planning permission for a huge building project on what is supposed to be protected land, even though he has not yet fulfilled the conditions of his last planning permission ten years ago and shows no sign of doing so. If I were given planning permission to build a garage alongside my house and ten years later it was sitting half finished with no roof or door, would I be granted permission now to add a workshop to the side of my house? If they really want to protect Scotland’s interests, Holyrood should call in the recent planning application and then stipulate that permission will be granted only when all building and the 6,000 jobs promised ten years ago have materialised.

How often and to whom next are we going to roll over and play dead? If we want to show that we are fit to run our own affairs, it is time for our government to stand up to such bullying.

L McGregor

Scene: The Leaver Household
Time: A few weeks after No Deal

Mrs Leaver speaks: Isn’t this wonderful, being able to make our own decisions? This morning

I have decided to go to the supermarket. They are expecting a bread delivery and Granny said it’s just like during the war; if you go early you can be first in the queue. It was a lovely funeral, wasn’t it? We’ll miss her. She should have stocked up on her medicines. Have you decided what to do with your redundancy money if you get it? At least you won’t have to appeal to the European Court of Justice if your tribunal fails.

Weren’t those lovely police horses we saw round that corner yesterday? That is great news about the five fishing families who are doing very well since we left that common fisheries thing. And I see that nice Mr Lawson is moving to France right enough. Maybe Nigella will give us some Mediterranean recipes on the telly. We must remember we have to pay the licence next year. And Mr Johnson has moved to America to teach mythology at Trump college.

Robert Johnston