WAS there any point in the dark lord Primordial Martinet Johno presenting his proposal to the EU on Brexit? Other than using it to inflate to even more heights his already blotted ego? I fear not.

It appears now that it is not only the junta of his inner circle that have been sucked in and inhabit the Martinet bubble, but that bubble has now extended and embraces all of Etonia, including the servile drones that reside there upon their bended knees.

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Harking back to their party conference, it was always going to be a love fest of xenophobic little isolationists headed up by old restless hands trying to pass himself of as some sort of Churchillian figure slaying the multi-headed hydra of Lerna – a creature known to everyone else as the EU.

Then again, that’s the Tory party for you, in their constant attempts to deflect blame from their cluster bourach, their “great right-wing tiff”, they strike out at everyone. In years to come those studying these final moments of the imperial experiment will marvel at how quickly the end came, and that the final blow came from within the ranks of the Union. Yes, ironically the Unionists themselves are the driving force that is wrecking their “precious”.

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Meanwhile there are wheels within wheels in motion north of the Rio Tweed. Our legal system has already blunted the seemingly unstoppable dictatorship of Downing Street, and could there be more of that to come? A possible extension to Article 50, could there also be a legal route in Scots law to secure a Section 30? Might it be proved that the incumbent PM is only refusing a Section 30 because of twisted ideology? It could get very interesting as it would in my opinion be relatively easy for the Scottish Government to prove that there is a desire for a second referendum. Whereas the establishments mantra of not now, or no desire, or indeed their out-and-out lie of “once in a lifetime”, would hold no water inside a Scottish court.

Historic days, my friends. Historic days.

Cliff Purvis
Veterans for Scottish Independence 2.0

BORIS Johnson has made it clear that he intends to resist any attempt for Scotland to have a second independence referendum.

I see this position as being very inconsistent and unnecessary.

He and his Brexiteers have spent three years telling us all that it is beneficial for all concerned to develop new relationships with the world. They are happy to have Northern Ireland having different trading arrangements to the other parts of the UK.

I don’t understand why anyone should want to stop Scotland becoming an independent country. In most ways we have different financial, political, religious and cultural arrangements already so there would not be a huge change.

Scotland and England will always be neighbours and would continue to have trade links and all other cross-border relationships, so what is the problem?

The way that I see it is that by tweaking our political arrangements, everyone in the UK would benefit.

We Scots can fully focus on our own priorities unhindered by Westminster interference.

England would in real terms become an independent country in its own right, which I believe most English people would be happy with.

It is often said that England subsidises us through the Barnett Formula. Most English people would be pleased to get rid of that.

As an independent country Scotland would remain part of the UK in that we would still share the monarchy. More importantly we would remain united in the sense that many of our peoples are living either side of the Border in relationships or for work.

I myself have one brother living in Lincolnshire, my daughter is married to a Devonian man living in Bristol and I am married to a woman of Irish decent.

I don’t see that Scotland becoming independent destroys the Union. It would change the nature of the arrangement much in the same way as the Scandinavian countries thrive being independent countries within a political alignment.

I would like to see any upcoming independence referendum opening up to include England.

I have seen Brexit as being a proxy vote for English independence since day one. Let’s give the English the same opportunity for independence alongside Scotland’s vote.

Harry Key

OH no! It’s Brexit again. More examples of obsessed politicians putting personal and party ambitions before the needs of their nation.

Mr Johnson has released his proposals to have border checks between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. Having released his negotiating position, he now is demanding that the EU keep their reaction to it secret.

It seems clear that the solution to provide an “open border” that he proposes will be seen as offensive to the Good Friday Agreement and is therefore unlikely to be accepted by the Irish.

However, I am more concerned about the arrogance of a politician who thinks it right to release details of their position and expects the other side’s negotiators to remain silent, a clear example of the lack of diplomatic skills shown by our Prime Minister and his team. Surely we cannot put up with such incompetence for much longer.

Pete Rowberry

IF Boris Johnson and the Tories really want to put the Union flag everywhere then they should. It should go on: every job centre; every food bank; every closed business premises; every homeless shelter; every dirty close and street; every person living in poverty; every crumbling building left to crumble.

That is the “Union dividend”.

Alan Hinnrichs