EX-CONSERVATIVE MP the Rt Hon Kenneth Clark was heard in the House of Commons highlighting that a major policy announcement on a future Brexit deal was being made not in the House of Commons, as one would have expected, but at the Conservative party conference in Manchester, by none other than the Prime Minister!

No sneak preview for the majority of his Cabinet, parliamentary procedure abandoned, but should we expect anything less from Boris Johnson?

Incidentally, while at Manchester, the PM was missing his weekly grilling by MPs at PMQs. Very disrespectful, I would suggest, but not unexpected! But the worrying element to all of this is not only the content of the announcement and the consequences for the country that may follow, but the total disrespect of parliamentary procedures by the PM. For the Conservative party faithful at Manchester to applaud such a demonstration of disrespect by the PM clearly demonstrates how out of tune they are with the country.

Catriona C Clark