IS it only me?

I joined the SNP in the late 1960s. At that time we were seen to be a “lunatic” party.

The party had no resources other than the commitment of those who had a “vision”. We were often “laughed off the door”.

That said, we persisted. I myself was an active canvasser and often faced a hostile “we fought through the wars together” response. My own father had been on the Murmansk convoys, certainly no easy detail, which made this response a bit hard to understand as he too was a nationalist!

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I have read with increasing anxiety the complacence, indeed naivety, of leading nationalists and senior political appointees, both in Westminster and Holyrood. Their collective belief that should Scotland vote by a significant majority to secede from the UK, by electing a majority of SNP MPs and/or (preferably both) with a 60% vote, then independence is assured!

Are they, and I mean Nicola Sturgeon and Ian Blackford, totally off their collective rockers? Of course they are. It is misleading in the extreme to think that the UK Government will relinquish control of Scotland’s assets that easily.

Only by enlisting the support of Europe, the European Union, through asking and being either ignored or rejected for a Section 30 order now – not next year, after we have left the EU – can we keep access the European Court of Justice to fight for our rights to self-determination.

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Recent events at the UK Supreme Court should not be seen as a potentially favourable result for any Scottish right to self-determination. These will be “reviewed” in Boris’s Brexit Britain.

Like an earlier writer I wonder just what have Nicola and Ian Blackford been doing these last few years. Forget the dismal Andrew Wilson “Growth Report” – it is as sad as a dead fish on a platter. Where is YOUR vision, Nicola and Ian, for a new, independent Scotland – hopefully not a wee free Scotland version of our southern neighbour?

Without a vision you will, between you, have lost the cause for Scottish independence. Time is running out to paint that vision!

To date you are without a doubt the most uninspiring duo to have ever lead the Scottish independence movement within the SNP.

Your decision to exclude debate on independence at our own SNP conference negates any useful debate because, as we all know, the wrongs in Scotland can only be righted by independence.

I urge you to think again, and show real leadership. Independence is going to be hard won, if ever, so forget the politeness. The UK state, via Boris, laughs at you both!

Thank goodness, and perhaps divine intervention, for the All Under One Banner Movement. It is NOT sufficient to “get on with the day job”. You need to inspire others. Get some fire in your bellies, and inspire!

John Scobie

FOR Scotland’s sake and future we must not crash out of the EU without a deal! That was the picture painted only a couple of weeks ago by Ruth Davidson MSP. Today the Scottish Conservatives are singing from a different hymn sheet as interim leader Jackson Carlaw MSP announces the Scottish Conservatives are dropping their opposition to a No-Deal Brexit!

This announcement is certainly not in Scotland’s interest and demonstrates the Scottish Conservatives’ contempt for the voters in Scotland. So, considering the 2016 referendum result here in Scotland, exactly who is this announcement representing and in whose interest? As a result of this announcement I would suggest Scottish Conservative MPs had better sharpen their pencils for use on their CVs, which may be needed sooner rather than later!

Catriona C Clark

IT was only a matter of time before the interim leader of the Scottish Tories, Jackson Carlaw, abandoned Ruth Davidson’s opposition to a No-Deal Brexit. He now states that crashing out is better than further delay.

As a twice failed businessman it is obvious he has no idea what impact leaving without a deal will have on the business sector and agriculture. It will have major consequences for both Scotland’s GDP and employment figures. I am extremely relieved that he isn’t the minister for trade. The more rhetoric I read from the Tories, the more committed I get, if that’s possible, to Scotland regaining her independence.

Gordon Walker
Via email

WHEN looking at the present UK political situation and the far-right expressions of the elites represented by Johnson, Rees-Mogg and their ilk, and also the thugishness of the likes of Tommy Robinson, the EDL, and those who stand outside Westminster shouting at those opposing Brexit with statements such as “we have a tree waiting for you!”, I try to understand what unites these two class extremes. Then I came across a quote by the German/American philosopher Hannah Arendt that “fascism is the philosophy of the elites and the mobs”, and that seemed to sum up much of what we are experiencing just now in UK politics.

Crìsden Mac Fhearghais
Dùn Eideann

I USED to refer to myself as a socialist but now feel that I’m limiting my outlook. The rise of Woke and the group identity shamers makes me want to be an individual more than ever.

Left and right have had their day; let’s look at whether ideas are good or not, no matter which side of the political spectrum they come from. I want a new kind of political discussion in an independent democracy of Scotland. Let’s ask scientists and engineers. Let us have politicians be answerable for not getting the best advice.

Mark Harper