I HAVE expressed in writing my admiration for Nicola Sturgeon. I am also a fan of the way Ian Blackford has conducted himself in Parliament. So I must have misheard when it was announced that the SNP were considering a disastrous move akin to the Clegg/Cameron Rose Garden liaison which put the Liberals in political hell for the best part of a decade – rescued only recently, by being the only English-based party with a coherent Brexit policy.

I know politicians have short memories but not that short, surely?

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And, while he may not have a penchant for pigs’ heads, Corbyn is the worst leader in Labour history and will sink anyone who associates with him. There is no short-term gain worth this gamble.

I sincerely hope that this is a smoke screen for behind-the-scenes negotiations for Scottish/EU relations post-apocalypse.

Remember – Labour has no policy on Brexit.

Amanda Baker