SO, it is now out in the public domain that David Cameron sought the politically neutral Queen’s assistance in 2014 and the overheard comment about “thinking carefully” was a deliberate intervention. Now that Cameron has issued his mea culpa, one wonders if the monarch will be “purring” again?

Since then, the Scots have again begun to “think carefully” in light of the EU referendum and the machinations at Westminster, the chaos caused by the UK Parliament and its now structural inability which impedes our progress. It looks more and more like the monarch has colluded with the current PM in proroguing parliament, given Cameron’s admission earlier on past performance. Perfidious Albion indeed!

Furthermore, there is now a fundamental “English” problem in the UK affecting Scots through Westminster. The minority UK – aka English-based parties there and at Holyrood, together with the Cummings-Johnson dictatorship operating out of the No 10 bunker – are upholding a Union which now denies Scots their vote in the last two EU elections, which was to remain in the EU.

We have “thought again” and are making progress to annul the 1707 Union. It will also mean independence for the English and we can benevolently let them on their own sort out the internal problems affecting their political parties and national institutions untrammelled by Scots et al.

Cameron called the EU referendum to sort the English Tory party’s internal schism on Europe – that party can now be left in its own national mælstrom after Scots have left the Union and the English, like Edward II, can be left “to think again”.

John Edgar

A COUPLE of years ago I wrote commending Theresa May in following the example previously set by David Cameron in avoiding the man in the street when laying out policies. Statements made to captive, tame audiences with no possibility for questioning or expanding on their bland statements.

At that time I called them “fearties” and included the then Scottish Secretary, who was one of the most successful “dodgers” of interviewers as well as the 13 voiceless chickens making up the Scottish Tory MPs. Almost daily I awoke to the radio to hear on Good Morning Scotland “we asked the minister/department/Tory MP/Tory MSP to comment, but no-one was available”.

The current colonial governor, “Union” Jack, appears to have followed the existing pattern, as have many Tory ministers of the present regime. It’s not as if the questioning they receive on GMS is really hostile – to me this style appears to be reserved for Scottish ministers.

However, last week we received the news that not only spokespersons/UK ministers were “frit” (to quote the “great” doyen in the sky), but our brave supreme leader had valiantly ducked out of a press conference to “protect” the Prime Minister of Luxembourg from the nasty protesters against Brexit.

“Feartiness” not only lives on, but spreads. In office, no (legitimate) power and unaccountable. A Union led by cowards.

Colin Mowat

I FIND it amazing that a highly intelligent, highly trained lawyer like Jackson Carlaw is still unable to understand that Scotland voted No because of the promises made and guarantees given. Since these were never fulfilled, No voters realised that they had been conned and voted for a pig in a poke.

Our membership of the EU has not been guaranteed; the existence of Holyrood has not been protected by law; respect for the Sewell Convention has not been guaranteed by law; work on 13 frigates and two support vessels did not start by 2015; Scotland still has no input on Scottish immigration needs. A few powers were passed over, but even more devolved ones are now being taken back.

If Mr Carlaw was offered a legal case on promise of a deposit, specific final payment, added bonuses for certain results, and afterwards found none of these were forthcoming, would he still be content to accept that state of affairs and would anyone find it difficult to understand if he did not?

Next thing he will be quoting Alex Salmond’s present-tense statement, true at that time, that “this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” as if it were a promise made for the future by every one of those campaigning for Yes!

L McGregor

SO often the BBC has been shown to have exhibited blatant bias against the SNP by not recognising the party in its debates. On one previous occasion, it was criticised because it chose to display the banners of the other major political parties as a backdrop to the studio, but avoided the inclusion of that of the SNP. Their argument then was that the SNP was not a UK party.

I watched Newsnight on Tuesday and listened to their discussion on the present political climate and the studio backdrop had the following banners: Sinn Fein, Plaid Cymru, Greens, Labour, Liberal Democrats and Tories. Sinn Fein is solely an Irish party and Plaid Cymru is solely a Welsh one. The party which is the third biggest in Westminster was unrepresented by Newsnight.

That was NOT a mistake. That was blatant, intentional and arrogant bias by the BBC.

Alasdair Forbes
Farr, Inverness-shire

THE Papers on BBC One was really interesting. I’ve bought The National since week one when I bought five a day, in line with healthy eating advice. I left them in public places and in a couple of big hotels and they were picked up and read. Thanks for all your hard work and the effort you put in to the only papers worth reading. Quality journalists in both. Always knew you were all good-looking.

Noirin Blackie