POLITICS at present is in such a constant state of change that it has created a flood of opinion and ideas. I thought I would add one of my own to the mix.

There is no telling which of several routes Johnson and his svengali Dominic Cummings will embark upon. The Tory party and the British establishment are seriously split, as is the country, and a shattering of the UK’s four component parts is most probable.

Johnson’s routes are primarily 1) a No-Deal Brexit, 2) a General Election as a consequence of 1), 3) being forced to extend the Brexit deadline or 4) accepting a slightly altered withdrawal agreement. At this juncture 3) and 4) seem unlikely, but who knows?

Johnson knows nothing about Scotland, its people or their way and cares even less. The Scottish Tories are beginning to find this out.

Let us examine again what Johnson is. An Eton-educated English nationalist whose intention in his politics is the preservation of his class and the retention of its wealth, privilege and entitlement, who is a dreamer of a new British empire. His primary concern is England, but only his class, no its ordinary people. It is in this context I state my following opinion.

As regards Scotland, Johnson could possibly do one of two things. Firstly he may close down Holyrood and secondly (some may consider this far-fetched or politically naïve) he may give Scotland independence upon seeing its growing demand for self-determination.

His motivation for such a move would be to dispense with the Scottish problem which he considered to be a major distraction from his greater aim.

Johnson is a clownish fool or someone who is intelligent, calculating and clever with the facade of a clown. Whichever he is, it would make him capable of making such a decision. All of the above of course presumes that he will remain PM either by General Election or other means, which as everyone knows is no certainty.

Bobby Brennan

WHAT is a Prime Minister? One would have thought a leader. What is a leader? One would have thought someone who was honest, truthful, reliable, leading by example and obeying the law. What sort of example is our current Prime Minister setting, particularly for the younger generation? Democracy ... what democracy? I’m not sure we’ve ever had any as a “UK”.

M Walker

FOLLOWING the court decision that the prorogation of parliament was unlawful, it appears that Jacob Rees-Mogg was aware of the underlying reasons for it and consciously misled (lied to) the Queen. It’s just as well he’s not actually living in the era he thinks he is or this could be deemed high treason and he would be off to the Tower.

Douglas Turner

I AGREE with Selma Rahman (Letters, September 11) that “Brexit has broken Britain”. I am old enough to remember the fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent break-up of the then USSR. A fossilised Kremlin unable to stop its member states becoming independent countries. The very same is happening in Britain: a corrupt, antiquated Westminster, not fit for modern government, crumbling in ever-increasing demands for national autonomy.

I quote from the WB Yeats poem The Second Coming:

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
the falcon cannot hear the falconer
things fall apart, the centre cannot hold.

Terry Keegans
Beith, North Ayrshire

BEING absent from home on Saturday, I missed my usual news programme and, against my better judgment, I turned to the BBC Teletext service for coverage of the Perth indy march. The march did not merit a mention, so no real surprise there then.

However, the sting in the tail came when I moved on the the Wales section, which carried a report on the AUOB Cymru event at Merthyr Tydfil, complete with attendance numbers etc.

Although irked by Pacific Quay’s censorship, I gritted my teeth and moved on. However, your story on BBC “Scotland’s” blackout of the Perth march and in particular the insult-to-our-intelligence-type response from a BBC “Scotland” apologist re-ignited my, I believe entirely justifiable, disdain for London’s Pacific Quay Trojan Horse.

Being above all a democrat, I am naturally opposed to media censorship and manipulation but have learned to live with it.

However, if I am being candid, what really sticks in my craw is being coerced into funding BBC “Scotland”, which in my view epitomises the concept of “state” broadcaster.

Malcolm Cordell
Broughty Ferry, Dundee

I VERY much agree with Cllr Kenny MacLaren (Letters, September 11) in his assessment of Labour performing Tory acts.

At the 2014 referendum, Gordon Brown was not involved very much but popped out with the fallacious Vow when it looked as if Yes was going to succeed. Mr Brown lost Westminster in the General Election of 2010. He had refused to consider any dealing with the SNP to create a coalition government, when David Cameron hooked up with the Liberals – we all remember “I agree with Nick”. Cllr McLaren is correct in “never trust a Tory” – the coalition with them destroyed the Liberal party.

The Scottish Court of Session yesterday ruled that the prorogation of Westminster was illegal; the Tory Prime Minister says they were biased, so let’s see him done for contempt of court. One can only wonder at the opinions of the Scottish Tory MPs, who are all pro rogues anyway in their slavish support for the Prime Minister.

Jim Lynch