SHADOW Chancellor John McDonnell’s promise of “allowing” an indyref didn’t last long. As usual of Labour politicians, he’s now backing the official fudge – sorry the official Labour line – of “we’ll allow a referendum but not in the initial years of a Labour administration”. Of course, no timescale is set, no criteria are mentioned – such as a new mandate etc.

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It’s the same old Labour lies – the party who did the Tories’ dirty work for them with the 2014 referendum Vow. I’ll stick to my usual principles of never trust a Tory – no matter whether it’s a blue, red or even yellow Tory, it’s still a Tory.

Scotland’s future shouldn’t rest on the whims of British nationalist politicians. The future is ours to grab, let’s get more people around the doors, talking to voters, persuading them that the only bright future for Scotland is that of an independent Scottish nation.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren