THERE are 13 Scottish Conservative MPs. Not a single one had the courage or integrity of Kenneth Clarke, Phillip Hammond or Sir Nicholas Soames to vote in support of the motion preventing a harmful and disorderly “No Deal” crash-out – an unthinkable and catastrophic outcome explicitly ruled out in the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Scotland, of course, voted 62% to remain, with every Scottish local authority returning a Remain vote. A significant driver of the No vote in the independence referendum two years previously was that an independent Scotland would not be an EU member, yet now it is being forced out under a UK Brexit the Scottish population did not vote for.

Assuming the primary duty of any MP is to prevent harm to their constituents, it is barely credible that any MP would vote for a No-Deal crash out, even less so in Scotland. Even the government’s own Yellowhammer analysis shows that No Deal will have severe negative effects on the UK, including Scotland.

In severing all trade deals overnight, the fallout across all sectors is well-evidenced, with experts across many fields predicting disruption on a massive scale, critically to medicines and food. The BMA, among others, made clear that a No Deal crash out could result in additional deaths. The British Retail Consortium have repeatedly spelled out the multiple difficulties faced by complex supply chains in getting food where it is needed in a timely fashion. The CBI has warned of the impact on businesses of all sizes and of the economic damage. Every sector would be affected; the list of harms is long.

There is no such thing as a “clean” Brexit. Those who cry “scaremongering” are simply denying the clear evidence.

It is not the action of a responsible MP to vote for this, and especially not for their own perceived political gain. It is an inexcusable dereliction of their duty not to prevent harm to their constituents. The vibrant pro-European movement that has sprung up in Scotland since 2016 will help to ensure the thirteen’s electoral fate in the anticipated General Election.

Stirling4Europe – Convener, Victoria Lee; Perth4Europe – Convener, Susannah Rae; Aberdeen4Europe – Convener, Colin McFadyen; Edinburgh4Europe – Convener, Morag Williamson; Inverclyde4Europe – Convener, Kirsty Law; Falkirk4Europe – Convener, Susan Cooper; GlasgowLovesEU – Convener, Clare Scanlan; Highlands4Europe, Convener – Gill Bird; SWScotland4Europe – Convener, David Roulston

THE UK in a Changing Europe is a report issued by Kings College London. It’s is based on government modelling. It forecasts the outcome of a No Deal scenario.

Freight to the EU would drop 40-60% within one day. This as a result of lorries not having the correct paper work to cross the Channel. There will be food shortages within a fortnight. This will affect fruit vegetables and poultry.

Direct rule in Northern Ireland could be reimposed. This would could cost 40,000 jobs.

The government’s own predictions show GDP would shrink by 8% by 2035 as opposed to not leaving.

The report concludes “the impact of a no deal Brexit will be significant, damaging and long lasting”.

Alan Hinnrichs

GOOD news, everybody!

I have been reading a book by Professors Iversen and Soskice, Democracy And Prosperity, the thesis of which is that capitalism, which is the best promoter of prosperity we have yet discovered, works best when constrained by democracy. A corollary of this is that a better democracy will promote a better capitalism.

From just my layman’s view of the travails of the economies of Russia, China, Trump’s USA and our own dear Westminster from Blair onwards, capitalism without democratic control certainly does not seem to make the people prosper.

However, if you look at how the Scottish economy has improved with a devolved but highly democratic Parliament since 1999 then, despite Westminster having sole charge of the economy as per the Scotland Act, it would appear that the corollary holds.

As Scotland improves despite the dead weight of Westminster, it seems that an independent Scotland relieved of the burden of the Mother of Parliaments will flourish whoever the government is, as long as we ensure that our parliament is democratic!

The bad news is that we will not be told of this by the BBC and our mainstream media. Can this prosperity so vital to our and our children’s future be ensured by this finding when the information presented to our people is so anti-democratic? Is there a need for at least a tax on imported papers amid the other requirements on Scotland’s first democratic government?

Randall Foggie

INDEPENDENCE is becoming mainstream. Freeing Wales from the imperial shackles of Westminster to take our seat on the world stage, to thrive among the plethora of other thriving independent nations, is no longer seen as an outrageous taboo. Independence is an idea no longer tied to those considered to be Welsh nationalists. Independence is for all who call Wales home and independence is normal.

With the state of the UK perilous, and the Union teetering on the edge of collapse, AUOB Merthyr is an opportunity to let our voices as Welsh citizens be heard.

This march will be inclusive, vibrant and positive. People of all kinds will join us, whether white or person of colour, straight or gay, people of all faiths and none – this is Wales, and this is what’s possible when we come together, All Under One Banner, in absolute solidarity for an independent, inclusive, free nation.

Keanan Hampton